Meet Your NFA Representatives

President - Stacy Schneitter Blake



Stacy Schneitter Blake serves as a Co-Owner of Schneitter Fireworks & Importing Co., a company with a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1895.  

As a 4th generation “pyro", Stacy's deep-rooted passion for pyrotechnics has been ingrained in her since childhood. Under the mentorship of her grandparents, H.E. “Ed” & Mary Schneitter, and her parents, Richard & Judith Schneitter, Stacy grew up within the business. 

The Schneitter Family has played a pivotal role as founding members of the National Fireworks Association (NFA), with Stacy actively participating and attending NFA EXPOs since 2002. Graduating from Missouri Western State University with a Business Marketing Degree in 2005, Stacy dedicated herself full-time to Schneitter Fireworks & Importing Co. 

Collaborating with her sister Tracy Schneitter Siewert, the Schneitter Service Team, and suppliers, Stacy oversees the importation of top-quality 1.4G, 1.3G, and 1.4G Pro-Line fireworks. Her responsibilities extend to managing bids, planning, and executing multiple professional display shows annually.  

Committed to fostering relationships, Stacy values the partnerships with PGI, NFA, AFSL, and various industry committees, focusing on promoting safety and innovative products. 

Stacy's infectious love and passion for people shine through in her work, particularly when creating marketing strategies for Wholesale Customers to facilitate business growth. The collaborative efforts of the “Schneitter Sisters” leverage their unique strengths, providing Schneitter Fireworks with a visionary outlook into the future of the industry. 

Driven by a commitment to creating lasting memories, Stacy ensures that every decision made at Schneitter Fireworks & Importing Co. aligns with this goal. Her devotion extends to her team, customers, suppliers, community, and family, to leave a positive and uplifting mark worldwide. Eager for new opportunities, Stacy embraces her new role as President of the National Fireworks Association with excitement, enthusiasm and dedication. 


Vice President - Ed Vasel


Ed Vasel boasts over 15 years of expertise as a marketing and sales specialist within the dynamic fireworks industry. Throughout the majority of his career, Ed has played a pivotal role in the growth of the renowned Dominator Fireworks brand. His extensive involvement includes active participation in numerous conventions, such as the NFA, APA, PGI, and ISF, where he has consistently demonstrated his commitment to the industry.

Dedicated to fostering collaboration and progress, his leadership has extended to assembling and guiding multiple award-winning display teams across the United States and China. Ed's passion for sharing knowledge is evident through his comprehensive article on pyromusical design and engaging seminars on this subject.

Prior to his impactful tenure in the fireworks sector, Ed owned a contracting company. During this period, he specialized in designing and selling racking equipment tailored to the unique needs of the firework industry. This diverse background has equipped him with a multifaceted skill set and a nuanced understanding of the industry's intricacies.

Ed's extensive network spans from end-users to China suppliers, importers, and regulatory agencies. Leveraging these relationships and his wealth of knowledge, he aspires to contribute to the ongoing advancement of the NFA and its members during these challenging times. Having joined the NFA Board of Directors in 2020, Ed has been instrumental in initiating committees, spearheading bylaw updates, enhancing organizational efficiency, elevating the association's regulatory presence, and augmenting overall member benefits. His leadership and dedication underscore his commitment to the continuous growth and success of the NFA community.


Treasurer - Kurt Cowgill


Hello everyone, it is my honor to have been elected for the Treasurer position of the National Fireworks Association. For those that don’t know me, my name is Kurt Cowgill and I am beginning my 18th year working in the consumer fireworks industry. I got my start working seasonally for North Central Industries, Inc. in the warehouse pulling orders and loading/unloading trucks. Today I am the Vice President of NCI, an importer of consumer fireworks since 1955. I have a lovely wife, Allyson, and we are expecting our first child, a boy, in January. Bob Kellner has been wonderful in this transition and left the association in great shape. The NFA Board of Directors, Marlie Manning, and many others I’ve met from the safety team and sub committees have been welcoming and great to work with thus far. I’ve attended the NFA Expo every year since 2010, and our company supports the NFA by participating in the trade show and demos each year. I have previously served as Treasurer for the American Pyrotechnics Safety & Education Foundation from 2016-2022, and am a founding board member of that organization since its inception.I hope to use my industry experience, and accounting background to serve the NFA membership well in this fiduciary role.  I will give the membership my very best efforts to ensure the financial interests of the organization are served.


Secretary - Scott Smith


Scott Smith is a technical business entrepreneur and CEO of COBRA Firing Systems and IGNITE Firing Systems serving over 20,000 customers worldwide.

Scott believes that the success of the NFA comes from serving the interest of its members with the goal of ensuring safety within the industry and supporting our members to enable growth and market sustainability.

A geek at heart, Scott is helping to build many of the back-end software systems that help keep the NFA organized and communicating with members.

I have a general interest in being part of the NFA and to lend the skills I have to help support and grow the organization for the benefit of those we serve. Thanks to all for your support.


Director - Mike Romano 


Mike is a self employed electrical contractor and has been for 30 years.  He has wired up stores and warehouses for Northeast Fireworks; Fireworks Productions; and Kellner’s Fireworks.  Mike began shooting fireworks at the age of 13.  He has shot shows for Zambelli, Legion, Fireworks Productions and Grucci Fireworks to name a few.  Mike has helped the past 2 years to shoot the New Years Eve Show for Grucci in Las Vegas.  Mike has his N.Y.S. “Own and Possess” license and ATF high explosives license.  He is a member of NFA, PGI, WPA, PPA.  Mike owns along with John Sagaria 2 type IV and 1 type II magazines on his property.  He has been active for the last 10 years helping to set up and shoot the fireworks at Kellner’s Fireworks demo each spring.  Mike is a member of the National Fireworks Association’s safety committee and has served in this capacity for many years. 


If you have any questions, please contact the Board of Directors at [email protected]