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In Memoriam of NFA Vice President Garry Hanson


by Cam Starr

"America's National Fireworks Association (NFA)- It's Founding, Accomplishments and Future Goals" By N. Blogin, J.R. Bartolotta, and R.L. Schneider, presented at the 15th International Symposium on Fireworks (ISF), Bordeaux, France, 2015, and published in the 15th ISF Proceedings (ISBN 978-0-9867279-9-3 and -8-6). It is included herein with permission of the International Symposium on Fireworks Society, Ltd (ISFS)


The National Fireworks Association “NFA” is a 501(c)(6) tax-exempt organization (ein 25-1729049) that was formed in 1995 by the late Cameron Starr, the “Father of the 500 Gram Firework”. The NFA provides a forum for manufacturers, distributors, exhibitors and the public that enjoys using fireworks for the exchange and dissemination of knowledge and the positive promotion of the fireworks industry in a fair and equitable manner. The NFA’s board of directors is working tirelessly to improve the business conditions of the fireworks industry of the United States of America and to preserve the tradition of buying, manufacturing, selling, using and watching fireworks on independence day and for other celebrations and holidays.

What is the National Fireworks Association (NFA)

What is the National Fireworks Association (NFA)

The NFA for You

The National Fireworks Association (and its over 1200 members) represent the interest of the fireworks manufacturers, importers, and sellers on a national level before Federal lawmakers and regulators. We also promote safety as the lynchpin of the industry. The NFA believes in using sound science to promote the safety of pyrotechnic devices, and we serve as a voice for the millions of Americans who use our products.

The NFA regularly meets with lawmakers in our nation's capital as well as officials in the Federal government. Over the past three years, the NFA has testified before regulatory agencies and met with dozens of Congressional staff, members of Congress, and United States Senators, in addition to staff and Commissioners at regulatory agencies.

We combine our members' expertise, innovation, and experience to speak with one voice and reduce and hopefully eliminate accidents, promote our industry, and strengthen the experience of consumer and professional fireworks. Our voice brings credible, factual information on firework devices to the public policy debate. Together, and with a strong voice, we can make a difference in making sure fireworks remain a safe and affordable option for families and communities celebrating the Fourth of July and other patriotic holidays, as well as important milestones.

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