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Donating Members to the NFA

We would like to thank our donating members to the NFA. Your contributions are critical to the success of the NFA and the mission to save our fireworks. We encourage you to visit and to also participate in our STAND WITH THE NFA fundraising drive.

Please find our list of our enhanced donating members. Learn more on how to enhance your membership and have your website advertised here.

2021-05-14 17_43_22-Noun Project Search

Foundation Member ($20,000)

2021-05-14 17_47_18-Buy Wholesale Firewo

Spirit of 76'

John Bechtold

patriot logo.png

Patriot Tier ($10,000)

Gemini Fireworks

Marcello Ruiz


Leadership Tier ($5,000)


Intergalactic Fireworks

Anthony LoBianco

Kellners Fireworks

Bob Kellner

magnus fireworks.png

Magnus Fireworks

Marx Wu


Mr. W. Fireworks

2021-01-26 18_31_16-Big-Tex Fireworks, L

Big-Tex Fireworks

2021-01-26 18_29_42-Contact Ryder Rosack

Ryder Rosacker McCue & Huston

Other Donations $3,000


Artillery Tier ($1,000)


Fremlin's Discount Fireworks


Gorilla Fireworks

Meramec Specialty Company

2021-01-30 15_14_48-Our Story – Marv's F

Marv Kohler Enterprises

2020-12-24 10_17_57-Central Pennsylvania

Kneppys Fireworks

2020-12-31 06_25_43-Vito's Fireworks - H

Vitos Fireworks

2020-12-31 06_25_04-UNCLE SAM FIREWORKS.

Decker's Uncle Sams Fireworks

2020-12-31 06_31_26-Starr Fireworks _ Fa

Starr Fireworks

mr g logo.png

Mr. G's Fireworks

fireworks fantasy.png

Tom Towne

Fireworks Towne, Inc.

H4 Fireworks Logo.png

Davey Jones Fireworks
Mile High Inflatables


500 Gram ($750)

Firecracker Tier ($500)

Popper's Fireworks - Mark Popowski

Wick Krieg
Kneppys Fireworks

Crazy Pops Fireworks

Big Blast, Inc.
House of Fireworks Inc.

Captain Boom Fireworks LLC

Boydston Enterprises Inc.

Boomtown Fireworks

Lorin Jalovecky
Reichenbach Fireworks
Tom Dunaway & Associates
Big Sky Fireworks
Schneitter Fireworks

Original May Brothers

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